Daily Discipline Check-ins

SHE’s Check-in In: Timing Chores


We were totally rockin chores today! We timed everything and it felt like a big game of “see how long this one takes”. The house looks awe-some!!

What we accomplished today:

  • Changed Timmy's clothes
  • Picked up the entire house since it's still tidy from Abram's party
  • Straightened Timmy's Crib Bedding
  • Dressed and ready–me, Abby, and Abram
  • Fixed Bubzy's breakfast and juice
  • Dirty Clothes in hampers
  • Empty Kitchen Trash cans
  • Fix Lunch
  • Marinate Chicken for tonight
  • Empty Dishwasher
  • Sort/Wash/Dry My Clothes
  • Abby's Bed Made
  • Abram's Bed Made
  • Scour Kitchen Sink
  • Polish Kitchen faucet
  • Abram Showered (evening since Abby takes one in the morning-avoiding traffic jams)
  • Clean all four bathroom sinks
  • Clean all three toilets (the upstairs one was McYucky!)
  • Swept and damp mopped kitchen floor
  • Set the table
  • Grill

Cool beaners!

Still have a few cards to go after dinner, but Wow! I got tons done today.





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