Daily Discipline Check-ins

Just About Ready!


Putting together my Sidetracked Home Executive system is taking longer than I thought, but it's almost finished. Yeah, I said almost. However, I'm now ready to get started!!
Doesn't it look pretty?
The cards aren't in their places for a reason. You're not supposed to actually start in on any weekly, monthly, and so on cards until after you've made your way completely around the house purging and putting things in their rightful places. So that's what I'm going to work on–1 hour a day decluttering.
Here are the cards I'll be working on until then. I know it's not a great picture, but basically it's quiet time, dressed and ready, make my bed, laundry, dishes and basic kitchen clean up, and the habit I'm learning called Pick It Up Don't Pass It Up. The other card is to remind me to blog. Not that I have to remember. I'll probably be posting one or two updates per week until I get through the house…most likely those pictures of big bags of junk I'm going to sell at a garage sale. Ya know the ones. The I-can't-believe-that-much-stuff-came-out-of-that-little-place kind of pictures.
I'm going to start to the right of my door and literally follow the wall, skipping the kitchen and making my way back to the door–just like they suggest in the book. Then, do the kitchen, then upstairs, and then the garage. At least, that's the plan. 1 full hour a day until it's done, no matter how long it takes.
Josh got me another two of Peggy and Pam's books as part of a gift for our anniversary! I love them! I'm already half way through “Get Your Act Together”. You can really tell they were written in the 80s, but they're still very good if you can get past references to things like old tv shows and jargon we don't use anymore.

There are some habits I'm trying to learn…I'll write those out soon. But the ones I'm focusing on are…

  1. Shower, dress, hair, and make-up before anything else (of course in my world, if the baby's awake he gets nursed and changed first thing…than I can “begin” my day.)
  2. Finish what you start before starting something new
  3. Pick it up, don't pass it up (then put it away)

And, if I can remember to get a picture tomorrow, I have someone to introduce y'all to! But, I'll leave y'all in suspense for the moment.





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