Daily Discipline Check-ins

Poodle Skirts and TuTus: Please Welcome Stefanie!

It is my honor to introduce y'all to Stefanie…my new partner in crime S.H.E.-dom (ya know, home-making freedom through the Side-tracked Home Executive system).

One year in the system, this summer to next–that's our commitment.


Stefanie was actually my second choice, even though she's an amazing person. It's just that the book says to find a partner that's as messy as you are, and well…I think my first choice lost her phone again. Stefanie isn't quite the big mess person that I am.

She keeps her kitchen clean.

She is supreme at catching her kids making messes and actually makes them pick up after themselves.

You don't trip over things walking through her house!

But…I was pleasantly surprised. She did actually have messes! Like genuine clutter. Lagitament disorganization.

Like it wouldn't be a lop-sided team!! Yay!

When she showed me beyond the visible…which she is way better at then me, I found out a little about our strengths and weaknesses. She gave me really helpful advice on keeping a cleaned up kitchen and teaching the kids to pick up after themselves. I helped her figure out where to start dejunking a drawer and how to begin the process of dealing with other peoples clutter in a respectful way.

I think we're going to make a great team!


Oh, and what was the poodle skirt part of the title?

When Stefanie and I were chatting while we tidied up, I said, “Who needs a treadmill when you have a poodle skirt” my goofy way of saying who needs excercize equipment when you're cleaning house like a woman in the 50s would've been expected to do. Then she came back with that phone snapshot (used with permission) and said, “or a tutu!”

We both laughed like school girls at a slumber party.



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