Daily Discipline Check-ins

Poodle Skirts and TuTus: Please Welcome Stefanie!

It is my honor to introduce y'all to Stefanie…my new partner in crime S.H.E.-dom (ya know, home-making freedom through the Side-tracked Home Executive system).

One year in the system, this summer to next–that's our commitment.


Stefanie was actually my second choice, even though she's an amazing person. It's just that the book says to find a partner that's as messy as you are, and well…I think my first choice lost her phone again. Stefanie isn't quite the big mess person that I am.

She keeps her kitchen clean.

She is supreme at catching her kids making messes and actually makes them pick up after themselves.

You don't trip over things walking through her house!

But…I was pleasantly surprised. She did actually have messes! Like genuine clutter. Lagitament disorganization.

Like it wouldn't be a lop-sided team!! Yay!

When she showed me beyond the visible…which she is way better at then me, I found out a little about our strengths and weaknesses. She gave me really helpful advice on keeping a cleaned up kitchen and teaching the kids to pick up after themselves. I helped her figure out where to start dejunking a drawer and how to begin the process of dealing with other peoples clutter in a respectful way.

I think we're going to make a great team!


Oh, and what was the poodle skirt part of the title?

When Stefanie and I were chatting while we tidied up, I said, “Who needs a treadmill when you have a poodle skirt” my goofy way of saying who needs excercize equipment when you're cleaning house like a woman in the 50s would've been expected to do. Then she came back with that phone snapshot (used with permission) and said, “or a tutu!”

We both laughed like school girls at a slumber party.


Daily Discipline Check-ins

Just About Ready!


Putting together my Sidetracked Home Executive system is taking longer than I thought, but it's almost finished. Yeah, I said almost. However, I'm now ready to get started!!
Doesn't it look pretty?
The cards aren't in their places for a reason. You're not supposed to actually start in on any weekly, monthly, and so on cards until after you've made your way completely around the house purging and putting things in their rightful places. So that's what I'm going to work on–1 hour a day decluttering.
Here are the cards I'll be working on until then. I know it's not a great picture, but basically it's quiet time, dressed and ready, make my bed, laundry, dishes and basic kitchen clean up, and the habit I'm learning called Pick It Up Don't Pass It Up. The other card is to remind me to blog. Not that I have to remember. I'll probably be posting one or two updates per week until I get through the house…most likely those pictures of big bags of junk I'm going to sell at a garage sale. Ya know the ones. The I-can't-believe-that-much-stuff-came-out-of-that-little-place kind of pictures.
I'm going to start to the right of my door and literally follow the wall, skipping the kitchen and making my way back to the door–just like they suggest in the book. Then, do the kitchen, then upstairs, and then the garage. At least, that's the plan. 1 full hour a day until it's done, no matter how long it takes.
Josh got me another two of Peggy and Pam's books as part of a gift for our anniversary! I love them! I'm already half way through “Get Your Act Together”. You can really tell they were written in the 80s, but they're still very good if you can get past references to things like old tv shows and jargon we don't use anymore.

There are some habits I'm trying to learn…I'll write those out soon. But the ones I'm focusing on are…

  1. Shower, dress, hair, and make-up before anything else (of course in my world, if the baby's awake he gets nursed and changed first thing…than I can “begin” my day.)
  2. Finish what you start before starting something new
  3. Pick it up, don't pass it up (then put it away)

And, if I can remember to get a picture tomorrow, I have someone to introduce y'all to! But, I'll leave y'all in suspense for the moment.




Daily Discipline Check-ins

SHE’s Checkin’ in: Abram Works on Our Van

Abram helped Josh work on our van earlier today. I barely made it out there to take pictures with the baby napping on me the majority of the time. They had already put most of it back together.


So, my S.H.E. System I've been working on is working great! But it's totally wiping me out!! By the time I'm ready to blog my eye-lids are getting heavy.

Here's a little morning sample of cards.

Abby was super excited when she read one of the cards and it said “set table”. She snatched that one right up. Not all of them were that popular.

My house is looking awe-some (in sing song voice).

Here's a couple more pics from this week…since I haven't been that good about keeping up on blogging.


Now I just have to figure out how to have an awesomely tidy house and blog. Hmmm.



Daily Discipline Check-ins

SHE’s Check-in In: Timing Chores


We were totally rockin chores today! We timed everything and it felt like a big game of “see how long this one takes”. The house looks awe-some!!

What we accomplished today:

  • Changed Timmy's clothes
  • Picked up the entire house since it's still tidy from Abram's party
  • Straightened Timmy's Crib Bedding
  • Dressed and ready–me, Abby, and Abram
  • Fixed Bubzy's breakfast and juice
  • Dirty Clothes in hampers
  • Empty Kitchen Trash cans
  • Fix Lunch
  • Marinate Chicken for tonight
  • Empty Dishwasher
  • Sort/Wash/Dry My Clothes
  • Abby's Bed Made
  • Abram's Bed Made
  • Scour Kitchen Sink
  • Polish Kitchen faucet
  • Abram Showered (evening since Abby takes one in the morning-avoiding traffic jams)
  • Clean all four bathroom sinks
  • Clean all three toilets (the upstairs one was McYucky!)
  • Swept and damp mopped kitchen floor
  • Set the table
  • Grill

Cool beaners!

Still have a few cards to go after dinner, but Wow! I got tons done today.




Daily Discipline Check-ins

SHE’s Checkin’ In: Happy Birthday, Abram

My oldest son, Abram–my snugly bug–turned nine this last week!! I can't believe it! Time sure does fly.

Getting ready to bake his cake. He requested pin appl upside down.

Timmy hangs out with Mama most of the day.

I'm almost ready to start the SHE system (Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam and Peggy)!

I've printed off the habits:

I just finished reading the book today and set up my basic weekly plan and menu plan on the box lid.

The rules in the book I'll be trying to follow:

  1. Get up 30 minutes earlier than my family and get showered, dressed to shoes, with fixed hair and make-up.
  2. Make my bed every morning first thing.
  3. Cut out the soaps (I don't watch soaps, but I get the point-turn off the screens!)
  4. No more lists.

I'm really looking forward to this. And I'm not expecting perfection, but instead perseverance. I'll simply set a timer each day and give it my all (for that day). I'm expecting a change in myself more than a change in my home, if that makes sense. Whatever the house ends up looking and feeling like will be an effect of the cause that happens in me. I will be working on me–therefor there's no pressure. If I do my best I have succeeded whether or not my house reflects the change.

One year in prayer, determination and perseverance. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.



Daily Discipline Check-ins

SHE’s Check-in’ In

I've been convicted 3 different times by three different people in the last few months that one of the reasons I don't succeed is that I don't stick with the same thing long enough. And I really think they're right! I give something a “try” for about a month and then because it only fixed one little area of my life, I switch my focus somewhere else.

So, I've been thinking back through all I've tried in the past and picking something to stick with–for at least a YEAR!

If I'm going to find out if something works or not, I need a full year to give it my all. It's ridiculous to plant a seed and then dig it up every few weeks to see if it's taking root. And that's pretty much what I've been doing.

The system that has worked the best for me in the past–I actually managed to keep it running for several months–was the S.H.E. System (or Sidetracked Home Executives)!

I'm super excited to get back to it and here's why:

1. As I said, it's the only system I've used in the past that's ever lasted any good length of time! Although, I think it may have eventually failed because I tried to 'reinvent the wheel' a little. I didn't take their advice from the book and do it like it says, I just tweaked the death out of it.

2. It's all-inclusive! My calendar, adress book, homemaking, menu plan and recipes, holiday planning, and school goals, can all have their place right there in the system.

3. The before story of the Sidetracked Sisters sounds oh-so-familiar! You have to read the book! It's SO funny!

4. It's flexible, and I must have a system that's flexible. Everything I need to do will be in front of me, but if my day falls apart, it's not a tragedy. I just stick them behind the next day they need to be done–no harm.


So, here's to a new start! Fresh beginning-again! I've got to get it right someday!! Right?!

Here's the book that'll be next to my chair until I learn it front to back, lol.


And here's my supplies I needed to get started:









When I bought all this stuff last time (a few years ago), it cost me about $65 and I had to go to two different office supply stores to find it all! This time all I needed was replacement 3×5 index cards. Yay. Lots cheaper.

I'll keep the updates coming in, but no more perfect days…just progress check-ins to let you know how it's going.


P.S. Have any of y'all ever used this system? What did you think of it? What systems have you used in the past?


Daily Discipline Check-ins

Under the Cross Pictures


I love taking pictures of our family under the cross at our church. Someday we'll get someone to take one of all of us, but usually we take them spur of the moment…like this Mothers Day.

It reminds me that our family lives under the cross! We don't always get things right. Heaven knows we're not even near perfect. But if we reside under the shadow of His wings, under the protection of what He did for us by dying that horrible death and taking all of our sin away, than we can also be raised to new life in Him…a life more blessed than we could make up in our own imagination.

We're really busy right now, but through God's grace the dishes are still getting done and the laundry is staying caught up. I think this is the first time we've been in this everything-happening-at-once feeling and still kept those things from falling by the wayside.

I'm letting go of my daily check-ins as they have been. That's sorta scary, cause what am I going to write about now? But I feel it's time until I'm ready to really add something to them.

Of course I'll keep doing what I've been doing, my three chores-dishes, laundry, and tidy. I know it's time to change focus, though. It's time to finish up this school year and plan for another.

Who knows, maybe I'll write more about my home-school journey. Where HE leads, I will follow.

Anyway, thank y'all so much for being a part of my accountability plan for learning to be disciplined in laundry and dishes. It worked!

Now, onward and upward.