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My New Dining Room!


So, it started like this…

Yeah, it's quite the mess! I use this room a lot for looking through stuff and deciding what to do with it. Remember the big paper purge?

Anyway, so Stefanie and I are starting at our doors and working our way around our houses, starting at the front door, possibly skipping our kitchens until everything else is decluttered (we haven't actually decided yet), and creating a place for everything. It's major purge time. I'm hoping to get rid of TONS of stuff and have a garage sale.

I usually don't wait for a garage sale.

Soooooo…this room is going to once again be messy with all the stuff I'm holding aside for the sale. But, at least I know that it'll all be gone and back to serenity by the end of Summer. If I don't have a garage sale by then, I'm donating everything I've bagged and tagged!

Back to the nice, new dining room.

Cleared the space to the right of the door.

And put the palm there. On the other side of the window, I put my antique serving cart. I've been saving it to use for a long time.

And Josh made me this clothes pin board. That took care of some things that I loved but they were adding to the clutter in my home. The chunky frame-LOVE-but didn't have a place for, the scraps of material from our breakfast room chair re-covering, the antique clothes pins that we had been hanging onto, and all those Christmas family photos I never know what to do with.



Then, I cleared out the hutch of all the excess glassware. It was a mess! I found out Stefanie has a real eye for detailed arrangement! And she told me she is clueless when it comes to decorating–NOT. These shelves were re-arranged with her ideas and it ended up looking beautiful!

It was her idea to have all the milk glass on one shelf and to arrange the pitchers as collections with their matching glasses. Why didn't I think of that?

I'm not quite sure I want to keep the picture in there, now that I see it in the picture. It just doesn't go with the glass collection. What do y'all think?


In the opposite corner, to the right of the hutch, I found the perfect place for my little school desk and the old painting of Pasadena, Texas. I've heard the matching one is in the Pasadena museum. I don't know if that's true but I love it all the same. Mrs. Myrtle painted a tremendous amount and I own several in her collection that were left with the old house. I feel so blessed that they let me keep the ones family didn't select when they sold the house. I've based a lot of my decorating around them because I love them so much!

This particular one was left in the garage and I cleaned some coffee splatters off of it. Someday it will have a frame like the others. But for now, at least it has a nice place to live.


And the sewing table had to be moved to make room for THIS…

I'm SSOOOOOOO excited to finally have a piano! It was Josh's Mamaw's old piano. EEEEeeeeeeek!

So, I put the sewing table in the dining room, and I think it fits nicely.


That little gold-leaf tree was my grandma's. It was the one thing I asked for when she died. It brings back so many memories of her. I used to think it was the most beautiful decoration and would touch the leaves while I talked with Grandma. I need a picture of her and Papa there. That would be nice.

And for the curious, the big antique suitcase holds Bubzy's wood train and tracks that he plays with nearly every day.

What do you think?



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De-Junk Journal, Bedroom is Better

I was seriously going to deep de-clutter my bedroom…but I quit before it was finished.

I have a confession to make.

I've been praying for a long, long time that God would help me to clean up and organize my home. And…I've also known in my heart of hearts that I NEED to start in the kitchen. I've been avoiding it. Like the plague.

This week, I found some more pantry flies, got permission and encouragement from the doctor to start a diet, and blew through our budget mostly because we waste so much on fast foods.

So, I could get my bedroom thoroughly complete and smile when I look at my perfectly organized drawers…

Or I could get to work on my kitchen, and save money, loose weight, and make my life a whole lot easier.

Okay. Okay! I get it. I need to start with the kitchen.

So this weekend we tidied up our bedroom and vacuumed it after NOT finishing our de-clutter.

Here's the results.

We got rid of one full trash bag to good will and one half bag ready to leave plus more just plain trash.

Here's our bettered but not complete bedroom:


And the ONLY fully de-cluttered and organized drawer out of all of that…

Things really crawl along when you have an infant!








Not perfect…like I planned. But hey. It's a whole lot better.

So, I guess we'll see how this decluttering goes in the kitchen. I imagine that could be a year long project right there!



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My Tiny Toddler Retreat Tour

I just adore how Bubzy’s little bedroom turned out!  Would you like a little picture tour?

Bubzy would love to show you. He was so excited to show Grandma Davis when she came to visit this weekend. He had loads of fun with Grandma and we can’t wait for her to come again and stay longer.


This is what Bubzy’s room looks like from our bed. Sometimes Bubzy and I play peek-e-boo and say “hi” back and forth. This room (made to be the lady’s master closet) is about 10 feet away, straight across. It’s a little over 6×9 ft, has a vent and bright fluorescent lighting. Bubzy knows how to open the door by himself and he can reach the light switch when he stands on the corner of the bed.

When we bought this house, I saw the potential in this space right away! We have a really good size home–close to 3000sq ft–but it’s only 3 bedrooms. We had already picked out and bought our home before we found out we’d have a new baby. Our children usually stay in our room for years, but two babies at one time–four people–in the same bedroom was making my head spin. I still wanted Bubzy close, so the biggest closet, right in sight, seemed the perfect solution.

We tried it out as a playroom when we first moved in to see if he would take to it. Boy, he did! He would drag me in there with him, demand that his big brother get out of “my woom”, and would go in there all on his own for long periods of time. When it got quiet in the house, I’d find him back there playing with his Legos or farm set. He loved it!

I started considering when to move forward with putting his bed in there, and one day I got an unexpected answer. One night I put him in his bed (right by ours at the time), and he pulled his pillow and blankly in there and told us he was sleeping in his room.

It was time to move forward, so we pulled everything out (Bubzy was so upset), painted it and moved it all back in, this time with the bed.

Although I wanted to keep it functionally a closet, for his and the baby’s clothes (and so I can revert it back when he’s ready to move into Abram’s room), I didn’t want it to feel like one! Painting it a fun color was the main way I wanted to take away that closet feel.

Here’s some other ways I did this:

Painting in sky blue I thought would extend the walls visually by mimicking the sky.

Another visual trick was the mirror. I just loved that this one looked like a window, making the room seem normal. It reflects the already bright light, making it almost sunny. Bubzy loves looking at himself in the mirror, and when he does, the room seems twice as long.


I used this hanging shelf to store his and Timmy’s blankets and put a small side table in the corner for usable storage that didn’t take up much space. I left the side table empty so that he could decide what to put in there. The next day there were a few toy dinosaurs.



I chose bedding and a rug from IKEA in an outdoor theme. I just think anything that brings the outdoors in creates an expansive feel. It’s like his own little campsite!

I even put his favorite toys in our old picnic basket (back in that corner near the chair). Most of his toys were sent upstairs to our playroom so that it wouldn’t be too cluttered in here.




The rug adds so much to his room–I just love it! Not only does it add interest, but makes a great background for playing with toy animals and boats.



Bubzy loves picking out his own PJs, so I slid his make-shift drawer right under his bed.



It ended up being the perfect bedtime changing station, with everything I need to ready him for bed all in easy reach. I can sit on the floor, pull out what I need, change him on his bed (perfect height while I’m sitting), and get all ready for a story!


Then, Bubzy tosses his dirty clothes in his own easy to reach hamper.



He even has a place for his socks and shoes so he can easily reach them when we want to play outside.


Before Bubzy gets tucked in at night he likes to play quietly for a little while while I nurse the baby and relax with my iPad before he takes it over to watch Barney.




And, there’s even room for Sissy and Bubba to come in here with me and play for awhile.




And right before I tuck Bubzy in, he likes to pick out a book from his shelves.

And curl up in this chair with me for a few stories.


Isn’t it adorable?


And the best part is that Mama and Bubzy did it together!

He was so excited to show his Grandma, and she was proud of him, too.


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Getting Prepared, 7 types of paper “vacuums”

When I’m in the middle of De-Junking my files and mounds of paper, I wish I could just turn on my new Dyson, run it over top of the paper pile and suck it all up. Ya know, into perfectly organized file cabinets. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Paper vacuum

Vacuum–A space entirely devoid of matter.

A vacuum is a very cool, umm…lack of something! I’m a little intrigued with vacuums. When a space is entirely emptied of anything, including air, it creates a vacuum. Then when it is opened up–swoosh–everything is sucked into the vacuum really fast. Vacuums, like vacuum cleaners, work remarkably well in sucking in junk or other stuff.

Thanks for your patience as I get to my point.

I think of containers as vacuums (even though they don’t actually suck anything in by themselves). When a space (drawer/bin/shelf) is completely emptied, it creates a sort of “vacuum”. All you have to do to turn it on is decide what belongs in that vacuum. Watch out, though, if you don’t decide what belongs there, because it will suddenly turn itself on and suck in every random thing that will fit.

Organizing paper can be stressful and time consuming, but creating some vacuums for your paper ahead of time can speed up the monumental task and ease the coming decisions.

This week we’ll be creating some paper “vacuums” to get prepared to purge and organize. Be sure to sign up for the e-mails so you won’t miss a day. Everyday this week I’ll be sharing with you my  own 7 types of paper vacuums. Of course, yours may be different than mine, but I hope they will give you some ideas to help you set up your own. After setting them up, we’ll be ready to de-junk those mountains to paper.

Here’s the 7 types to paper vacuums I’ll be sharing with you this week:

  • Large, main category containment
  • Dump zones
  • Other People’s Paper
  • Calendars and Other Information containers
  • Color coded hanging files
  • TLCs Requiring Action or Time
  • Transporting Paper

Speaking of vacuums, my hubby just surprised me with a new Dyson! I haven’t had a good vacuum since we moved in and my floors are starting to show it. What kind of vacuum do you have? Does it work well?


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Paper Clutter: Are you ready for a month of challenges?

Tax season is here again, and for me this triggers my de-cluttering efforts for all almost all things paper! And, this time I'm inviting you to join me!! We'll be starting on March 1st–Hurray!!


This is going to be a total marathon for me with a month old on one shoulder. I've actually almost finished my own paper purge. I just have a few more labels to write out and then I need to organize the files that I've already looked through. Anyhow, that was a marathon all it's own, but now I'm challenging myself to a post a day about paper clutter all through March. I really hope I can make it. I've got the outline, I've taken tons of pictures, and I'm ready to go…but it still makes me nervous trying to carve out a bit of time to actually organize and write the posts when I'm already doing Daily Discipline Check-ins!! Just finished Day 9, if anyone wants to check those out. Crossing my fingers!!

[This ended up being too much of a marathon for me. I finished about half. I believe it's still worth reading, but I didn't get to finish. I did, however finish the paper purge portions. I didn't get to the posts on organizing, just on de-cluttering.]


Taming the Paper Beast My Yearly Purge

My husband absolutely loves when I do this (the after results, not so much the mess it creates in the process)! But…I put it off last year…and did a shabby job the year before…and didn't set up a mail/paper center for the entire 3 years we lived in the old house! That's a lot of paper pile up for me, so this will be a challenge! However, the decade or so before that, I couldn't figure out why people thought paper clutter was a big deal because it was a breeze for me the way I had set it up.

The thing is, this probably won't take me all month because I pretty much do it the same way every year. [Ha ha–jokes on me. I remembered while I went through this that I DO in fact, have a newborn, and that I can't clear paper very quickly with a baby in my arms. It did take me a month.] However, there are lots of people I know who have tremendously larger piles than me and would probably need a whole month. So, I'm going to break it down into small little sections that you can do and follow if you'd like.

If you'd like to join us on this Paper Clutter Yearly Purge, then remember to go to my sidebar and sign up to receive my posts update e-mails. That way you won't miss a thing!

What we will and won't be doing:

We WILL be:

  • Combining all paper items into only three main places (a mail/paper center, a file cabinet, and an emergency portable file)
  • Creating a mini version of this for each child old enough to accumulate paper
  • Getting rid of all unnecessary papers from years of accumulation
  • De-junking virtual mail (your e-mail)
  • Creating a mail/paper center to deal with the constant inflow of more paper
  • Create a daily set of habits to deal with incoming mail and paper

We WON'T be:

  • dealing with pictures, recipes, and keepsakes
  • home-school records and notebooks (this takes an entirely different track of thinking, so I keep it separate)
  • craft materials


Week 1: Getting Prepared, 7 types of paper “vacuums”

Week 2: Let's Get To De-Junking Our Paper: 7 days of Purging Tips

(Didn't finish weeks 3-4–sorry.)

Week 3: Organizing Files and Setting Up Your Family's System, 7 organizing assignments

Week 4: 7 days of Virtual Mail (e-mail) Clean Up

Please give me grace in this project's planned schedule!! I have a newborn, so expect delays. Thanks in advance. (And just think…you have even more time when I get behind.). Totally crossing my fingers. -Tabitha


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Taming the Paper Beast is Almost Here!

I know a few of you out there are just dying to see how I purge our paper beast yearly–or so I imagine you are. So, I wanted to make sure you all knew I didn’t give up on it. It is still coming. Actually, I’m more than half way finished with this project!! Yay. So, I wanted to give you a little update.

Here’s my “Pinterest” picture for those of you with the heart to go ahead and start spreading the news:

Taming the Paper Beast My Yearly Purge

Feel free to pin as long as you link it to the specific post.

Ya know the saying “It gets worse before it gets better”?

Yeah, that’s always true around here.



I used to do this yearly purge in 3-4 hours straight!! But…three years without doing it and a newborn that I want to hold NON stop…and well, two weeks later and it’s still not complete. It’ll get there.

If my house can survive in the mean time.


To think, I could’ve done this BEFORE Timmy was born!

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Taming the Paper Beast Series: Coming Soon!

Cooking and Cleaning can wait till tomorrow,

For babies grow up we have learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep,

I’m Rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.


Don’t you just LOVE that little bit of poetry?

Thanks for sharing it with me, Tommie!

This is EXACTLY where I am right now–lovin’ on my newborn, barely sleeping a wink, trying to ignore the encroaching mess…and soaking it all in. Which is why this collection of posts–

 Taming the Paper Beast Preview

–isn’t quite ready yet!! I intended to post them at the beginning of this month, but it may be closer to the beginning of next month. A project that normally takes me 3-4 hours to sit down and complete…has taken me a week and a half to get half way through! Ahhhh. But…I just can’t seem to put down that precious little Timmy!! He’s just sooooo sweet.

 1 Week Old

Timmy’s 2 weeks old yesterday…but I haven’t loaded those pictures yet.

So, I thought I’d stop in and give you a sneak peek. It’s Saturday, after all, and maybe you’re out shopping and want to pick up some cute files, a couple of nice baskets from the antique or thrift stores, or see if you can find that perfect spot in your house for your mail/paper center. I loved shopping (my house first) for a few things I needed. Label maker refills are NOT cheap, folks! Aye Y’aye!!

Mail Center 1

Be looking for my first Taming the Paper Beast in your inbox. It’ll be coming soon…promise. And if you haven’t already, remember to sign up to receive e-mails to the right!

P.S. Are y’all seeing two of the same picture in all of your posts? I haven’t quite figured out why.

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